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French translation for "town"

[ taun ] 
n. ville, métropole, cité
adj. urbain, municipal

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Example Sentences:
1.Villages and towns are destroyed.
Des villages et des villes sont détruits.
2.Is it because there are less towns in france?
Y a-t-il moins de villes en france?
3.Our towns and cities are not isolated.
Nos villes ne sont pas isolées.
4.Each country should regain control of its town and country planning.
5.I shall take the town of talayuela in the extremadura region of western spain as an example.
6.What happened in el ejido is unfortunately not exclusive to this one town of the european union.
7.Our eu towns have a great deal to offer in this regard.
Nos villes ont beaucoup à offrir à cet égard.
8.Try to go from one town to another in bosnia.
Essayez de vous rendre d'une ville à l'autre , en bosnie.
9.The issue today is town and country planning.
Le sujet d' aujourd' hui est l' aménagement du territoire.
10.I believe that a town should not be bombed at night.
Oui , je crois qu'on ne bombarde pas une ville la nuit.
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